The below are frequently asked questions, can't see your question answered? Send us an email!

‘I haven’t received my ticket from Ringside World’

Ringside World don’t send out a physical ticket, they send an E-ticket via email at the time of purchase. If you haven’t received your email, please check your junk mail. If you still can’t find the ticket, please contact Ringside World directly who will be able to re-send it.

'Do I need to print off my ticket from Ringside World?'

Yes please, it makes our lives a lot easier

‘Can I reserve my seat and pay on the night?’

No, I’m afraid not, our policy is first come first served. You can buy tickets from any of our venues directly, on our website: or calling 07957198511

'I can't make your event now, can I have a refund?'

I'm afraid not, tickets are sold as seen. Terms and conditions for this are available on Ringside World's website

‘Will there be tickets on the door?’

It’s always very hard for us to promise tickets available on the door for any event, we have to stick to the regulated attendance size of each venue. We regularly sell out our venues as well, so we always recommend buying in advance, it’s cheaper also!

‘Can we reserve seats together?’

No, we’re afraid not. We have priority ringside seats that are available when sales go live for each show, we will however try to accommodate anyone with disability requirements, please contact us directly to discuss if required.

‘I’ve had a picture taken for a meet and greet and haven’t received my photo’

Please email us at and we’ll send you a digital download for your photo

‘Can I take pics/videos?’

We love you take pics and SHORT videos. Please don't film entire matches, key moments (like the end of matches - spoilers!) or live stream our shows, 

'What time does the show start and finish'

Doors at 6pm, first match at 7pm, finish around 10pm

‘Is the show suitable for families?’

Yes, we believe in a product that’s suitable for all ages. If you let your child watch wrestling on TV etc, we feel our product is designed for a similar audience.

‘Is there a bar at the venue?’

Yes, all our venues have a bar on site

'Can I bring my own food and drink?'

We personally have no policy on this, it's down to each venue, but we don't advise it as the venue staff could take it off you

‘Is there parking at the venue?’

Yes, all our venues provide plenty of parking